27th to 31th
of Interaction

WEIHC 2014 - V Workshop on HCI Education

Organizers: Clodis Boscarioli, Simone D. J. Barbosa, Milene S. Silveira and Sílvia Amélia Bim

Abstract: The HCI Education Workshop (WEIHC) has had four editions. Every WEIHC has brought together HCI faculty and researchers, as well as other stakeholders in the area, and the discussions held during this event have contributed to the advancement of HCI education in Brazil. In the 2014 edition, we plan to consolidate the syllabi proposed at WEIHC2013 and to have poster presentations of teaching techniques and strategies related to the different syllabi topics.

WCIHC 2014 - I Workshop on Cultural Aspects in HCI

Organizers: Isabela Gasparini, Luciana Salgado and Roberto Pereira

Abstract: According to Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is a research area (among the central areas in Computational Science) that should deal with universal and transversal issues to the other areas and, also, should consider specific contextual issues (cultural, social, economic, politics, geographic and so on) where it is applied. Research and developments in twenty-first century HCI must respond to the cultural challenges brought about by globalized societies. There is an urgent need to generate a body of knowledge that will help HCI designers recognize the importance of cultural issues in the design and evaluation of interactive technologies to strike the right balance between cultural accessibility and the preservation of cultural diversity. The understanding of culture, its role in the design of technology, the existing theories and methods to deal with cultural issues are topics that need to be discussed, disseminated and revisited. Therefore, this workshop aims at sharing knowledge, experiences and practical results on the research undertaken by the HCI community on this issue and discussing the cultural dimensions in Human-Computer Interaction.


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