27th to 31th
of Interaction

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- 3D Interaction
- Accessibility
- Adaptive, Intelligent Interfaces and End-user Programming
- Affective Computing and Emotional Aspects in Computing
- Context-sensitive Interaction: HCI for Mobile Devices, Ubiquitous Computing and Smart Environments
- Cultural Aspects of HCI
- Design and Evaluation of Games
- Digital Entertainment
- Digital Literacy
- Domain, User and Task Analysis for HCI
- Ecodesign
- Education and HCI
- Ergonomics in HCI
- HCI and Software Engineering Integration
- HCI, Gender and Minorities
- HCI, Health and Life Quality
- HCI Theories
- Information Visualization
- Interaction with New Devices
- Interaction with Posthumous Data or Post-mortem
- Interaction with Virtual and Augmented Reality
- Legal and Ethical Aspects of Research and Practice in HCI
- Models, Methods, Formalisms, Techniques and Design Tools
- Multimodal Interfaces
- Natural Interfaces (NUI)
- New Interaction Paradigms
- Social Aspects of HCI
- Social interaction: Virtual Communities, Online Communities and Social Networks
- Tangible Interfaces
- Tutorials and Online Help Systems

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