27th to 31th
of Interaction

It is a great pleasure that Paraná receives for the third time the Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computer Systems (IHC), now in the western region of the state. The first time and inaugural event has been held at Maringa in 1998, 10 years ago. Curitiba also has hosted the IHC. In 2014 the IHC will have its thirteenth edition and will be held in Foz do Iguaçu, from October 27th to 31th, with the theme "Frontiers of Interaction".

Inspired by the location of the host city, one of the triplets Brazilian borders, IHC 2014 brings the theme "Frontiers of Interaction", aiming to motivate the discussion of ideas and knowledge about diversity in HCI. The theme motivates, for instance, to think about the interdisciplinary nature of area and our community as well as about the relationship we have with the areas which we have borders. It also refers to the challenges of expanding horizons in order to encompass the diversity of users, respecting the differences and the distinct learning styles from them. Besides, it has been a great motivation to discussion of new interaction forms that break some of the traditional patterns of knowledge that we were producing. Lastly, the theme also fosters intercultural interaction, reflecting on our knowledge and our function on cultural diversity inherent in the phenomenon IHC.

The IHC, sponsored by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) through the Special Commission of Human-Computer Interaction (CEIHC), is the main event to exchange ideas and information about multidisciplinary studies and research aimed at contributing to the interaction between users and computer systems, and also the meeting point for researchers from universities and industry, to attract people of different profiles, to allow interaction between them, thus enriching the experience of the event attendees.


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