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Industry Track

Industry Track

Industry Track Chairs

  •  Ana Maria Ambrosio (INPE, BR)
  •  Rodrigo Pastl Pontes (Fraunhofer Institute IPK, DE)

Industry Track – LADC 2018

The Industry Track at LADC brings participants from academia and industry together to discuss real world challenges from the industrial perspective, concerning dependable computing: safety, security, reliability, maintainability, availability.

It’s an opportunity for companies and researchers in an appropriate environment to exchange  experiences enhancing their network. Experiences from practitioners provide crucial input into future research directions fostering learning from successes and failures.

This track covers innovative methodologies and tools, implementations, techniques, novel applications and relevant issues on dependability, emphasizing lessons learned and experiences in applying research advances to the real-world problems.

This year, we are particularly interested in how Industrie 4.0 technologies applications will assure dependability on industrial processes,  including new methods, tools and concerns in diferent application areas. 

The track is organized in a set of interesting talks:

Opening - Ana M. Ambrosio and Rodrigo Pastl - "How Industrie 4.0 technologies applications will assure dependability on industrial processes"

  • Ana Ambrosio - "Reason and importance of the Industry Track in the LADC" 
  • André Corsetti - "Integrating and Testing the Operational Simulator of the Amazonia-1 Satellite"
    Omega 7 Systems
    Industry sector of  embedded system design and industrial automation

  • Benedito Massayuki Sakugawa - “Improving supervision of suppliers of software-critical systems”
    Airborne Software
    National Civil Aviation Agency - ANAC Brazil
    Aeronautical Products Certification Branch
  • Johnny Marques - "Is agile practice compatible with safety-critical software development? - challenges and opportunities"

Comments and questions should be directed to:

Ana Maria Ambrosio (aambrosio27[AT]gmail.com) and/or
Rodrigo Pastl Pontes (rodrigo.pastl[AT]hotmail.com)

Industry Track Program Committee

  • Andrea Bondavalli (Un. Firenze, IT)
  • Benedito M. Sakugawa (ANAC, BR)
  • Carlos Henrique Netto Lahoz (IAE/ITA, BR)
  • Denise Rotondi (INPE, BR)
  • Eduardo Bezerra (UFSC, BR)
  • Emília Vilanni (ITA, BR)
  • Hari Ramasamy (IBM, US)
  • Hakim Laghmouchi ( Accenture, DE)
  • Johnny Marques (EMBRAER/ITA, BR)
  • Nuno Silva (Critical Sw, PT)